Sunday, January 25, 2009

Open front door using Bluetooth

Well, this is the start of a description of a project I recently finished! I can open my front door, without even touching the door, using my phone! Here is a preview of what I used for this and what's to come on this blog:

- Java MIDlet on my phone,
- Java application on a server near the front door that listens for incoming requests,
- Integrated Circuit (IC) which opens up the front door,
- Interface to that IC, using the serial port of the server.

Check out the video below to see it working in action!

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  1. does it do this automatically or do you have to press a button?

  2. It opens with the press of a button. The reason for this is that if I'd let the doors open automatically, it'd also open when I go to get my mail and I get cold xD

  3. I'm interesting on more technical information to develop the project and integrate with one we already have. I'm willing to pay for.

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