Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Never buy indentical Bluetooth adapters

I recently bought 2 Bluetooth adapters, so that I could test between 2 computers. However, both adapters have the same MAC address, and you cannot pair to your own MAC address, yay! So here's a piece of advice, when buying 2 adapters for testing, do not buy identical ones! ;-)

So far I haven't found out how to change the MAC address of the adapter, if anyone has a suggestion, I'm more than happy to hear it. The brand is Qmotion.


  1. Maybe you can try exchanging one of them at the shop where you bought them, after you show them the identical mac (it is usually in a sticker on it, so you should be able to see it right?)
    I don't think it's the purpose of a mac to have two devices with the same one, so if you trade it for another one you might get one from a different batch.
    Also the MAC address hold manifacturers information, so if you get one from a different manifacturer you're guaranteed to get a different one.

    If they don't want to trade it, you could try arguing that it's defective (which it essentially is since it doesn't do what it should be able to do)

  2. I managed to trade one of the adapters with a friend, so I've got two different ones now ;)

  3. Necrocommenting to note that the point of a MAC is to be unique. If two devices have the same MAC that is a manufacturing error and you should get a refund.

  4. If you do not have the disc that came with your Bluetooth device then you may be able to locate the drivers automatically with Windows if your operating system is updated. jimrohal.com